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    The Amazing Transformation

    Last updated 16 hours ago

    From trash to style. We took this chair and transformed it into a beautiful piece of furniture. Don't give up on your outdated, used furniture pieces, we can help! We have thousands of fabric choices for reupholstery and we can transform your trash into a treasure. Contact the experts at Beckenstein's Fabrics and Interiors to give your furniture a makeover today,  (888) 466-0826!

    Decorating Your Home with a French Twist

    Last updated 8 days ago

    For centuries, the French have been among the world’s greatest tastemakers when it comes to art, fashion, food, and even interior design. If you’re having trouble settling on a motif for your interior spaces, consider drawing inspiration from the French. To get started, consult your NYC fabric shop and consider the following tips.

    Embrace White Interiors

    White is a very important color in French design. It’s great for giving virtually any space a sense of serenity and purity. White can also reflect natural light, instantly brightening up your kitchen, bedroom, or any other space. Since an all-white interior can be a little overwhelming, consider breaking it up with a hardwood floor, plants, and the occasional piece of wood furniture.

    Consider Armless Chairs

    To give your home a dash of French countryside, consider outfitting your living areas with elegant armless chairs. Ornate upholstery with a fleur-de-lis design can make your furniture appear especially French. Consider complementing your elegant armless chairs with a matching loveseat.

    Choose Simple Wallpaper

    Subtle spaces and ornate details are considered classic elements of French design. To give your home the appearance of a French gîte, explore simple wallpaper designs that complement the busier aspects of your interior. A simple diamond pattern with muted colors, for example, can help give your dining room that special je ne sais quoi.    

    Find Elegant Window Treatments

    Natural light is another important aspect of French interior design. In addition to using plenty of white in your furniture upholstery and other design elements, consider dressing up your windows with long, elegant drapes. The right drapes can frame your windows in such a way that makes your guests say ooh la la!

    For more tips on how to effectively use French style elements, consult the fabric experts at Beckenstein Fabric. We’ve been providing the NYC area with elegant fabrics since 1918. Visit our website to discover which fabrics we have to offer or call (888) 466-0826 to speak with a representative.

    Which Kind of Headboard is Right for Your Bed?

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Whereas most of a bed is covered by linens and throw pillows, the headboard is almost always visible. With it being the most prominent feature of just about any bed, it is important from a design standpoint to choose the upholstery or wooden finish of your headboard carefully. When selecting a headboard for your bed, take the following factors into account to make a choice that suits your personality and the personality of your bedroom.

    Size of Room

    To an extent, the height of the headboard you choose should depend on the size of your bedroom and the height of its ceilings. A tall headboard, especially if it sits on a California king sized bed, can make a small room feel even smaller. If you have an abundance of space to work with, the sky--or your ceiling, rather--is the limit.

    Design Style

    Consider prominent architectural features and the decor of your bedroom. What design style do these factors lend themselves to? Unless you want to have to remodel your entire room to accommodate a headboard you really like, choose a headboard that works with your bedroom’s existing design features and pleases your personal tastes.

    Desired Atmosphere

    What is the atmosphere you wish to create in your bedroom? Would you like it to feel like a classic Tudor bedroom, a modern and organized space that reeks of success, a romantic haven, or a tropical paradise? Whatever your intended bedroom environment may be, the shape and design of the upholstery or wooden finish you choose should only serve to enhance that climate.

    A headboard is a great conduit through which to make a design statement in your bedroom. If you are searching for the perfect headboard for your New York City bedroom and believe that upholstery should be involved, call Beckenstein Fabric at (888) 466-0826. With expert knowledge of fabrics and interior design and nearly a century’s worth of experience as a company, we can answer any questions you may have during the headboard selection process.

    How to Pick the Perfect Fabric Colors

    Last updated 21 days ago

    With so many colors of fabric available, making choices you feel confident about can be quite a challenge. For an introduction to the art of selecting fabric colors for an interior space, check out this brief video.

    In it, interior designer Jane Mogel assesses fabrics of several different colors, offering advice on the types of environments for which each fabric is particularly well-suited. In addition to covering traditional color schemes, Ms. Mogel also discusses a few bold color and pattern combinations that don’t adhere to convention but work remarkably well together.

    If you are looking to reupholster furniture or incorporate interior fabric into your home, Beckenstein Fabric in New York City has a wonderful selection of materials spanning the entire color spectrum. We also have interior designers who can assist you if require their services. To learn more about our fabrics and interior design services, call (888) 466-0826.

    Spotlight on Our Shop-at-Home Services

    Last updated 29 days ago

    One benefit that consumers have reaped from the technological advances of the digital age is the ability to shop from their home computers. At Beckenstein Fabric, we do better than this. We bring our shop to you.

    If you choose to utilize our Shop-at-Home services, we will send an experienced design team to your NYC home, equipped with product samples, images, and a treasure trove of interior design knowledge. Our design team will be happy to accommodate any design plans you already have, as well as offer any interior design advice you may be seeking. Once you have made your decisions, we will carry out custom drapery, window, and re-upholstery treatments as needed.

    No matter what your interior design preferences are, we have drapes, upholstery, and interior fabric offerings that can help you realize your dream home. To speak with an experienced fabric and material design specialist from our West 20th Street store, call Beckenstein Fabric at (888) 466-0826.

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